Virginia Beach Has a Story to Tell

Maybe you thought you knew everything there is to know about Virginia Beach, but can you name the first oceanfront hotel? How about the first high school? OK, surely you remember the first surf shop? The mere mention of the resort city is bound to conjure up special memories for just about anybody who has ever visited or lived here. Those memories are the inspiration for "GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach" the first in a series of books that capture the past and make it come alive again. From Grace Sherwood, the Witch of Pungo, to the legendary Duck-In, the 80 page, soft cover book tells the stories of 15 places or people that, during their time, made a lasting impact and are remembered to this day.


But that is only part of the story. Today, "the Beach" is a vibrant, dynamic city with a special character all its own. It didn’t get that way overnight or by chance. To fully appreciate the resort city of today, you must look at it's colorful past. It’s quite a story. is dedicated to connecting the past to the present and, ultimately, the future. The concept is simply this; provide quality up-to-date information and connect it to the past. Here’s an example: looking for information on surf shops or a surf report? You’ll find it here but we’ll also have a link to Smith and Holland Surf Shop, the first surf shop at the Beach, where it all started. Looking for information on shopping or attractions? We’ll have it, and you’ll be able to see what was at Hilltop (would you believe a motel) before all the shops and restaurants.

Yeah, it’s a new twist on a common theme but it’s the twist that makes it interesting. It starts with "GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach". Click the link and check it out. And keep checking back. We’ll be adding the information you're looking for and linking you to the past.

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"GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach"
We hope to bring a smile to your face as you remember people and places in Virginia Beach that are gone...but not forgotten
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Duck-In, Just Like Visiting an Old Friend
Smith and Holland Surf Shop, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Remembering Smith and Holland Surf Shop in Virginia Beach
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“Going Out In Style” by Dee Branch Oliver
“Going Out In Style”, by Virginia Beach native Dee Branch Oliver, is the “how to” book you never thought you would need, but can’t live (or die for that matter!) without.
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