"Going Out In Style"
by Dee Branch Oliver

Just Released and Now Available Online

"Going Out In Style" is the "how to" book you never thought you would need!

 You would think, after 23 years working in the funeral business with her husband Johnnie, that Dee Oliver would have learned a few things about what happens when a loved one dies.

 Over the years, Dee and Johnnie helped countless families plan for the inevitable. They were very good at their job. And then, one day, it happened to them.

 When Johnnie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2007, Dee found herself in a position she had witnessed many times and hoped never to be in: the widow. What followed for Dee was the stark realization that despite knowing exactly what to expect when a loved one passes away, she was unprepared.

 In “Going Out In Style” Dee takes us on her remarkable journey of recovery after the loss of her husband Johnnie. You will find yourself laughing and, at times, close to tears as Dee shares the crazy things that can happen if you’ve never gotten around to taking the time to prepare. And in the end you begin to realize….maybe you’re not prepared either!

We Take Time to Plan for Everything Else.....

"Going Out In Style" is more than just a great story. Using her vast professional knowledge from over 25 years in the funeral business and her personal experience with loss, Dee provides numerous check lists and valuable tips that everyone can use in their planning. Why wait?