"GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach"

by Virginia Beach natives
Jimmy Jordan and Shep Jordan

Continuing the Legacy

Memories are truly a gift. They make the past come alive. They remind us of who we are, where we have been and often show us a path to where we are going. The mere mention of Virginia Beach is bound to conjure up special memories for just about anybody who has visited or lived here. "GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach" is about dusting off those memories and making them come alive again.

The Peacock Ballroom at Seaside Park.

We have always been fascinated by the stories of “good ole Virginia Beach” passed on by the three generations of our family who lived at “the Beach” before us. Through our book we wanted to continue the legacy handed down to us by family and friends and to throw in a few new stories of our own.

As you read through the STORIES of "GONE...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach", it will hopefully trigger a special memory or two of your own. At the very least, we hope to bring a smile to your face as you remember these and other special memories of people and places of Virginia Beach that are gone but not forgotten.

Hilltop Motel Business Card

Early 1900s Oceanfront scene

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